Favourite Mommy Moments in the First Year

In no particular order I’d like to share my personal list of favourite things I’ve experienced in my few months of momhood. It’s been challenging, wonderful, and fulfilling in ways that you can only believe when you experience it. Enough blabber, here’s my list:

  •  That moment during labour when it hits you that you get to meet your little human today. WHAT?!
  • The very first time your little love is placed on your chest, and you hold them for the first time. Nothing else matters.

  • When you finally get a good latch. Breastfeeding mommas, you know what im sayin’.

  • The first time they look you in the eye. Gush.

  • When he/she falls asleep on your chest, sink into you, and you feel as one.

  • Watching him/her sleep, anytime.

  • The very first smile.

  • The very first giggle. My heart if fluttering just thinking about it!

  • The very first anything.

  •  The sound of your babies sigh of relief when you pick them up after being upset.

  • The sound of babbling. Eeek! “She’s talking!”

  • When your baby holds onto you like you’re the most important person in the world. Well, you are.

  • The moment you realize you get to keep her for the rest of her life (well, at least 18 years). Yes!

  •  The first time they sleep more than 2 hours, or 3 hours, or more!

  • The moment, after a very long day of gassiness, and constant feeding, and exhaustion, when you lay your little peanut in her crib and she actually stays asleep. “What do I do now?!”

  • The look of relief on their face after you’ve spent an hour and a half helping them to fart…and it finally happens!

  • Rubbing mini Buddha bellies. So soft, so warm, so round.

  • Good morning “I missed you” smiles. It makes waking up better than ever.

  • Before bedtime snuggles.

  •  Anytime snuggles. Right?

  • When you see your husband’s features in their face.

  • Watching their eyes flutter to sleep.

  • Realizing “I made this”, for real.

  • Getting lost time, in wonder and awe, staring at this creation…and I’m not just being sappy.

  • Playing with tiny fingers.

  • Raspberries on baby bellies. The joy!

  • When you first feel that deep love in the pit of your stomach that everyone tells you about. So real, so cool.

Are you a Mom? If so, what are some of your favourite things about it? What are of some of your favourite moments?

Let’s share and all be friends!


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