My First Time, Every Time

Everyone and their brother’s mother are writing a blog these days. I know. So I promise you that your time will be well spent, and I’ll be the funniest darned blogger you’ve ever come across.

Today we brought my 4 month old daughter swimming for the very first time. How sweet right? As I looked around the pool and saw the many families, oldies, youngin’s, and fresh out of training lifeguards, it hit me. They think I know what I am doing. All they see is my baby and I. All they think about is the cute factor of given baby. Clearly if you have a baby you know what to do with it. Wrong.

I remember being one of them. The ‘baby-less’ we will call them. Casually strolling onto the pool deck, without a worry in the world…except for wondering if my wheat belly was apparent to anyone else but me. I’d suck it in and try to pretend I wasn’t doing so, hoping no one would notice. Those days are gone. If I even noticed a mother and baby, I would safely assume that they-being a mother- knew exactly what to do in every given situation. Now I’d kill to have my pretend wheat belly-one shade of white, no lines, no stretches, no sag. Moving on…

 Let’s take swimming for example.

What age do I bring my baby to the pool?

How do I change myself, and my baby without making her cry and upsetting the entire family room…and will her poo leak in the pool even with those ‘Little Swimmers’ on?

What would I do in that situation?

How do safely get into the pool without dropping my baby on her head, cracking it open for the whole world to see?

Why is it so SLIPPERY?

Why don’t the countless 5-9 year olds swim in the real pool so they wont splash my baby?

Don’t they realize if they wet her face she might NEVER swim again and be scarred for the rest of her life?

What if I have to go to the bathroom?

Is it too cold, too hot, to WET?!

Why is everyone staring?

Now, how do I get out of the pool?

 You see, 5 years ago, no wait. 5 months ago, this very situation was a nothing-thing. This wasn’t even on my radar, even as a relatively educated pregnant woman. If you have a baby, you know what to do. You have instincts. WRONG. No one’s instincts will tell them if public warm-pool germs will kill their baby. No one’s.

Also, no one tells you of the incessant worry that will plague you about everyday occurrences that you never once gave thought to when you were ‘baby-less’.

 Saying all that, we survived and I’ll do it again.

Just like I survived the never-ending questionnaires about why I chose a midwife.

Just like I survived my first breast-feeding in public without smothering my baby to death with my nursing cover.20141025_141419

Just like I survived doing a weeks’ worth of grocery shopping while calming my screaming baby all at once.

Just like I survived the first time I woke up before my newborn, and thought she was dead because she wasn’t crying for my milk.

Just like I survived the first time I had to feed, and be fed all at once, with one hand- half asleep.

And finally, just like I’m going to survive every single brand new baby/parenting situation I have never had to do before. Those before me have done and those who will come after me will do the same.

 To us, the mothers who don’t know what were doing instinctively- but we do it any way.


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